Our Village Riesling comes from traditional sites from the Village of Graach, with its distinctive characteristics. Our Graacher village wine is made to reflect the typical nature of this commune and its vineyards.

**In the Mosel wine region, the VDP. Regional Association waives the classification level VDP.ERSTE LAGE.

The Graacher Riesling comes from younger vines in the Graacher Himmelreich. Since the grapes come from a Grosse Lage, the wine could also have been bottled as a GG. However, we have decided that we produce GGs only from plots that are over 100 years old. These younger vines are only 15-20 years old. Accordingly, we decided to declassify the wine to a Village Riesling, even though its power and complexity are already amazingly close to GG quality. A powerful, yet very elegant Riesling, to which the weathered blue slate soil lends its freshness and elegance.

Name: Graacher Riesling
Quality: QbA, VDP. Ortswein (Village Wine)
Grape variety: Riesling
Origin: Mosel
Location: Graach
Soil: Blue slate
Taste: Dry