The noble rot Botrytis cinerea is one of nature's most wonderful gifts. When it attacks the vines in the autumnal misty mornings, we can produce some of the most stunning dessert wines in the world. The botrytis fungus extracts water from the grapes, leaving behind a highly concentrated nectar. This results in wonderfully rich Beerenauslese wines that have shrunk by half due to the infestation.

If we are lucky, we can find Trockenbeerenauslesen - the queen of all dessert wines. The grapes are completely dried to raisins, the juice accordingly highly aromatic and concentrated.

When in autumn or winter frost of at least -8 degrees makes the grapes freeze, then we move out in the early morning hours for the harvest and immediately press the still frozen grapes. In this way, we obtain an incredibly concentrated essence drop by drop, while the frozen water remains in the iced skins. Ice wines have an incomparable aromatic fireworks and, moreover, are very long-lived.