The Slate of Bernkastel
Certified Vineyard

Bernkasteler Lay (pronounced LIE — an old dialect word for “slate”) is situated between the Dr. Loosen estate house and the village of Bernkastel. As the name indicates, the soil is predominantly slate, but it is heavier and deeper than in the neighboring villages of Wehlen and Graach. This extraordinary vineyard produces richly textured, assertive wines.


The Devonian slate of the Mosel valley differs widely in mineral content and color from site to site. These differences, in conjunction with the various vineyard climates and soil compositions, give distinctive flavors to the wines.

Rieslings Produced

Riesling Trocken GG Riesling Kabinett Riesling Eiswein

Please note: The actual wines produced in a given year will vary depending on the conditions of the vintage.