These wines are blends of fruit from various estate-owned vineyards. They offer a more affordable representation of the classic taste from each soil type (red slate and blue slate).

Riesling Dry “Red Slate”

Dr. Loosen’s “Red Slate” Riesling is a dry counterpart to the classically fruity “Blue Slate” Kabinett. It is produced with fruit from estate-owned vineyards in the red slate soils in the villages of Erden and Ürzig. Farmed specifically for producing a dry wine, it is fermented with native yeasts in 3,000-liter, neutral oak casks. The casks help to soften the acidity, and they allow a tiny amount of oxygenation that adds texture and greater complexity to the wine. Red Slate Riesling Dry has an intense minerality that is warm and enveloping, with a floral, spicy, citrus blossom aroma and a harmonious palate. The dry style is ideal for classic continental cuisine.

Riesling Kabinett “Blue Slate”

This estate-grown Riesling Kabinett showcases the mineral-driven style of the steep, blue slate vineyards in the middle Mosel. It comes from parcels owned by Dr. Loosen in the villages of Bernkastel, Graach and Wehlen, where the soil is pure blue slate. It is bright and vibrant with the classic white peach fruit and floral, flinty minerality that is so typical of this terroir. This wine makes an elegant aperitif and is an excellent match for seafood and spicy Asian cuisine.

Riesling Sekt Extra Dry

Sparkling wine, called “Sekt” in German, has a long history in Germany. A fact that you can see in the many German family names among famous Champagne houses (think Bollinger, Krug and Mumm, for example). Dr. Loosen celebrates this tradition with an Extra Dry Sekt from 100% Riesling, which makes excellent sparkling wine because of its natural acidity.

The Dr. Loosen Sekt Extra Dry is produced with fruit from estate vineyards in the Middle Mosel. Bottle fermented, it is brisk and refreshing, with pure Riesling fruit and crisp acidity.

Rosé Sekt Brut (Pinot Noir)

When we acquired a small parcel of Pinot Noir vines in Ürziger Würzgarten, we were not really sure what to do with them. There is no real tradition for Pinot Noir on the Mosel, but we do love the variety, so it would have been a shame not to do something fantastic with these grapes. The most logical idea was to combine our love for Pinot Noir with our passion for great sparkling wine and produce a vintage Rosé Sekt. After five years on the fine lees in the bottle, in the traditional Champagne method, we have released our first vintage: the 2011 Dr. Loosen Pinot Noir Rosé Sekt.