WineLife365 Reviews Dr. L

Mark at WineLife365 recently reviewed our Dr. L Riesling and had this to say.

“Dr. L”, as it’s known in wine circles, is a terrific “purist” style Riesling from Mosel, Germany. What I mean by “purist” is that this wine tasted like real crushed fruit, free of “special” additives that are supposed to enhance a wine’s natural flavors.

Since it ran a tad sweet to his taste, we recommend he also try our Villa Wolf Riesling Dry in the same price range. If your taste in Rieslings leans toward dry, try our J.L. Wolf Rieslings. Made in the Pfalz region, they tend to be drier than are our Dr. Loosen (Mosel Valley) Rieslings.

And just to work in a less-well-known fact…. many people believe that Kabinett Rieslings taste drier than Spatleses. In fact, the Kabinetts are actually sweeter by analysis, but often taste drier since the acidity in Kabinetts is more pronounced.

Read Mark’s WineLife365 review here.