Will This Be Your Summer of Riesling?

If, like us, you love to make Riesling your go-to summer beverage, you may have heard of “Summer of Riesling”, which was started by Paul Grieco at his Terroir Wine Bar in East Village, NYC in 2008.

Each year since then, Summer of Riesling has grown until now it’s a national event with restaurants and wine bars everywhere celebrating the “love affair expressed in full Technicolor of the world’s greatest grape.”

Many thanks to the International Riesling Foundation, which is helping to promote and organize Summer of Riesling. Wines of Germany is also part of the team, and since over 60% of the world’s Riesling vineyards are in Germany, the organizers are carving out the month of July to create the 31 Days of German Riesling.

Please join us in the coming months as we report on Summer of Riesling wine tastings and dinners. And if you’d like to organize a little Summer of Riesling event on your own, by all means, let us know about it!

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