Vineyard Update: Picking Eiswein!


We are hoping to pick Eiswein tonight or tomorrow. The forecast is for a freeze, but it has to get down to –8C (17F) to freeze the grapes solid enough for Eiswein. We have several parcels still hanging out there just for Eiswein.

If it doesn’t freeze soon, the grapes will be lost to the wild boar!

If it does freeze, the harvest crew will have to get up at 4 in the morning to pick like crazy before the sun comes up (they set up big work lights).

This photo is of Anja picking frozen grapes in 2007. That year, the freeze came in late December – after the harvest crew had already gone home – so everyone in the office and warehouse had to get out there and pick.

FYI – we wrap the vines with the plastic sheeting to protect them from the rain and birds while waiting for a freeze.