The Spice Garden of Ürzig
Certified Vineyard

Blazing red and insanely steep, the Ürziger Würzgarten (ERTS-ih-ger VERTS-gar-ten) vineyard fills the picturesque amphitheater formed by this dramatic bend in the river. Although it’s directly adjacent to the vineyards of Erden, it produces a completely different kind of wine, with exotic, spicy aromas and a mesmerizing earthiness. No other vineyard on the Mosel produces wines so bursting with tropical fruit flavors. The estate’s oldest vines are found here.


The weathered red volcanic and slate soil of Ürziger Würzgarten makes it unique on the Mosel. High iron content in the soil here gives the vineyard its vivid color.

Rieslings Produced

Riesling Trocken GG Alte Reben
Riesling Kabinett
Riesling Spätlese
(Sold only at the VDP Auction)

Spätlese Gold Capsule
Riesling Auslese
Riesling Beerenauslese

Please note: The actual wines produced in a given year will vary depending on the conditions of the vintage.