The Prelat of Erden
Certified Vineyard

A small slice of perfection, the four-acre Erdener Prälat (AIR-din-er PRAY-laht) vineyard produces some of the greatest wines in the Mosel valley. Its 100 percent south-facing slopes, red slate soil and extraordinarily warm microclimate yield wines of unequaled power and nobility. The vineyard’s exposure, combined with the warming effect of the river and the massive, heat-retaining cliffs that surround it, ensures exceptional ripeness in every vintage.


The complex, well-weathered red slate of Erdener Prälat produces majestic, multi-faceted wines with stunning depth and concentration.

Rieslings Produced

Trocken GG Alte Reben
Auslese Gold Capsule
Auslese Long Gold Capsule
(Sold only at the VDP Auction)

Please note: The actual wines produced in a given year will vary depending on the conditions of the vintage.