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Dr. Loosen 2021 Harvest Report



Dr. Loosen 2021 Harvest Report

Bucking the hot and dry trend of the last several years”

Sometimes climate change surprises you, as after six consecutive hot and very dry years, 2021 proved to be a stark contrast to this trend because it was considerably cooler and moister. This contrast led to challenges in the vineyard that were much different to the previous years. We have been doing this so long that usually weeks before the harvest we have a pretty good idea what sort of potential the vintage will have. This time we were denied that glimpse into the future. We had to work hard until the very last day, but it was all worth it. Our Rieslings shine with fine fruit, wonderful slate minerality and a pronounced raciness, which are all elements of a classic Mosel vintage and one that is already proving itself to be quite pleasurable to drink; however, we are also seeing a potential for the wines to ripen in the cellar for quite some time.

The year began with intensely cold weather. The vegetation advanced lethargically in the following months, and budding and flowering were two weeks later than in the previous year. Fortunately, we were spared from any frost damage like that which caused severe losses in some French wine-growing regions. Because the summer also remained wet and cool, the grapes ripened rather slowly.

It wasn’t until the beginning of October that we started harvesting. And we were pleased to note that in particular our Grand Cru vineyard sites benefited from the cool weather.

In the end we were totally satisfied. The 2021 vintage offers everything you could wish for from Mosel Rieslings – from a classically-crisp and fruity Kabinett to a complex and dry GroßesGewächs. For each quality, we were able to harvest perfect grapes with just the right amount of ripeness. It is of course logical, that a terroir driven wine is inherently a reflection of that year’s climate and vegetation conditions, but this particular vintage gave this notion even more depth and meaning. With their delicacy, finesse and elegance, our 2021 Mosel Rieslings stand out from the great, but stylistically quite similar wines of the previous hot and dry years.

I hope you have a lot of pleasure in experiencing all of its subtleties and nuances in the glass.




Ernst F. Loosen


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