Tyler Haas spots Dr. Loosen


Dr. Loosen fan (may we call you such?) Tyler Haas, sent us this pic and the following email….

I spotted some of Dr. Loosen’s Erdener Treppchen pradikatsweins (I’m
sure I mis-spelled that — mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, as it were)
while out shopping, and snapped the attached picture. At the
suggestion of the saleswoman (the one whose picture is on the shelf
with the wine), I picked up the ’07 auslese to go with a celebratory
meal of spicy Thai curry.

It was, quite honestly, one of the best white wines I’ve ever had —
right up there with Chateau Carbonnieux ’03 and ’05. Gorgeous lime
acidity underlying ripe peach, and typical Mosel slate as a backdrop.
Absolutely excellent with spicy lime-based food.

Oh, and pardon the poor quality of the picture — I snapped one in the
store, and was too busy enjoying the wine to take one while drinking!

— Tyler Haas

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