The Wine Trials 2011 Picks Dr. L Riesling as “Wine of the Year”

wine-trials-bookThis is definitely news to invoke the hoo! The Wine Trials 2011 Tasting Guide has chosen none other than our own Dr. L Riesling as its “Wine of the Year”!

And let’s reload for another invoking of the hoo to congratulate our joint venture partner Chateau Ste. Michelle, which The Wine Trials named as its “Winery of the Year”!

Published by Fearless Critic Media, the The Wine Trials 2011 lists 175 wines under $15 that, in blind taste tests, outscored bottles priced at $50 and more. Edited by Robin Goldstein, Alexis Herschkowitsch and Tyce Walters, the book seeks to prove that price doesn’t necessarily = quality.

Want to know more? Here’s a good article about The Wine Trials.

Of course, we recommend that you rush right out (or load your browser) and buy this fabulous book, whose tasting panel obviously knows a good glass when they taste it!