Screwcap vs. Cork

screwtop We came across this excellent article comparing screwcaps (or “Stelvin® closures”) with corks on the Tablas Creek blog today. Jason Chaas said that they did a blind tasting of Stelvin vs. cork-stoppered wines.

He reports the general conclusion as “Overall, the results tended to validate the choices that we’d made, as the whites and rosé tasted brighter and fresher under screwcap (and were generally preferred by the group) while the reds tended to taste softer and lusher under cork (and were generally, though not universally, preferred by the group).” Read article here.

Many of our (and other) Rieslings come with Stelvin closures. Riesling, with its bright notes, is particularly susceptible to cork taint and the Stelvin closures are good at preserving freshness and complexity. So if you see Rieslings in your local wine store with screwtops, know that the absence of cork may indicate a wine that’s definitely worth trying.