Riesling Ring in Japan


Hello from Japan! I’m attending the Riesling Ring tasting. It was a huge success– nearly 400 people–and we are all very grateful to Fumiko Ari of the Riesling Ring for organizing this excellent event.

Etienne Hugel of Hugel & Fils (Alsace) also attended. The 2007 vintage he showed I found quite impressive! Etienne was very charming, and we hope to see him at the next Riesling Rendezvous in July 2010.

Photo: (L to R): Takahiro Yamano, Herrenberger Hof; Neil Hadley MW; Etienne Hugel, Hugel & Fils (Alsace); Ernst Loosen, Dr. Loosen (Mosel); and Fumiko Ari, founder of the Riesling Ring.

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