Photos from the June Summer of Riesling Kick-off Tour

In June, Erni Loosen and his merry band of winemakers did a tour of Boston, Chicago and New York to help kick off Summer of Riesling and celebrate the publication of Riesling expert Stuart Pigott’s new book: “Best White Wine on Earth: The Riesling Story.”

Here are a few pix from the tour. Enjoy!

Dinner in DC
Dinner at Bourbon Steak in Washington DC. Clockwise: Nicolas Pfaff, Robert Weil; Matthew Tucker, The Country Vintner (our distributor); Erni; Max Kuller, Doi Moi (a hip DC restaurant); Doug Mohr, The Country Vintner; Oliver Haag; Sally Franz, The Splendid Table (producer); Michael Franz, Wine Review Online; Carl von Schubert (in motion); Jochen Becker-Köhn, Robert Weil.
On the L in Chicago
Riding the “L.” A real Chicago experience for the tour crew!
Trade seminar at Tenzing
Fernando Bateta, education director for Tenzing Wines in Illinois, leads a trade seminar with our Germans on the panel: Jochen Becker-Köhn, Robert Weil; Erni Loosen, Dr. Loosen; Oliver Haag, Fritz Haag; and Carl von Schubert, Maximin Grünhaus.
Terroir tasting in NYC
Terroir tasting in NYC: Bob Bertheau, head winemaker at Chateau Ste Michelle, poured Eroica and other Ste Michelle Rieslings at the tasting at Terroir Wine Bar.
With Stuart Pigott in NYC
With Stuart Pigott in NYC. Our Germans pose with Stuart Pigott at the Terroir Wine Bar tasting on June 21. (Left to right) Oliver Haag (Fritz Haag), Stuart Pigott, Erni Loosen, Nicolas Pfaff (Robert Weil), Carl von Schubert (Maximin Grünhaus), and Jochen Becker-Köhn (Robert Weil).
Eroica_Prälat dinner line-up
An amazing line-up of Eroica Rieslings and wines from Dr. Loosen’s best vineyard, Erdener Prälat, all poured alongside an extraordinary menu at Eleven Madison Park in NYA. The event was a special Riesling dinner to celebrate the release of Stuart Pigott’s new book, “Best White Wine on Earth: The Riesling Story.”