New York Times says Riesling Gains a Foothold

eroica_bottleWe love this New York Times article on Riesling by Eric Asimov and not just because he chose Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Eroica (a joint venture with Dr. Loosen) as the favorite of a tasting of American Rieslings.

Well, okay, we love what he said about that. Here’s a snippet:

“Our favorite, the 2007 Eroica, is a collaboration between Chateau Ste. Michelle, the huge Washington winemaker, and Ernst Loosen, the eminent riesling producer from the Mosel region of Germany. The wine is made at Chateau Ste. Michelle from grapes grown in the Columbia Valley. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, the wine is superb, graceful and tangy, full of mineral, peach and ginger flavors. It is not quite dry, meaning the wine has a bit of residual sugar in it, yet it was so balanced it didn’t taste sweet.”

We also love what he said about the worldwide surge in the popularity and production of Riesling. Dr. Loosen USA VP Kirk Wille says: “Promoting the worldwide ascendency of Riesling was a big reason why Ernie Loosen began our joint venture with Chateau Ste. Michelle 10 years ago. He was convinced that it would take a seriously good New World Riesling to help bring the variety back to the forefront.”

Read the Eric Asimov’s entire article here, and, hey, pass it on to all the wine lovers you know!

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