Ned Ludd Restaurant Hosts J. Christopher & Dr. Loosen Wine Salon

Every third Tuesday of the month, Ned Ludd Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, hosts a “wine salon”. The February salon featured J. Christopher and Dr. Loosen wines, and was such a good time, we thought we’d let Ned Ludd wine manager Jess Pierce tell you all about it.

Jess says:

“We were so excited to have Loosen Bros as part of our Wine Salon at Ned Ludd. The idea of the Salon is to create a space in which folks in the service/wine/grape/food industry can get together to talk about our place in Oregon and the wine industry as a whole. We are here because we all have wine in common, but everyone involved is so dynamic that the event goes many ways and lets everyone have real conversations about any number of things. It’s not just a wine dinner even though wine and dinner are involved.

Our February salon was great! Having (Loosen Bros. VP) Kirk Wille speak about Germany is always really exciting. His level of knowledge is astonishing. I love the chunks of slate that he carries around for people to touch and smell, and it gives even more of a tangible sense of place than with just drinking the wines. The wines were showing really well and the comparison of blue and red slate wines is so interesting. We also poured the BA (Beerenauslese), which is one of my favs, with dessert. It was rad having Kirk and (J. Christopher winemaker) Jay Somers pair up to do the salon together because they both have so many great stories about each other’s wines and do a great job of telling Ernie’s (Ernst Loosen) story as well.

The Wine Salon is something I am really excited about. Meeting folks in the biz as well as getting a chance to spend time with friends is such a fun opportunity.”

If you have a chance to attend one (or many) of Ned Ludd’s wine salons, we highly recommend them!