Monster Mosel Bridge May Be on Hold!

If ever there was a reason to invoke the hoo, this is it.

Wine Spectator reports that construction has been halted on the Hochmoselübergang, or High Mosel Crossway, a disastrous project that threatens some of the most precious vineyards in the Mosel Valley.

The May 3rd Wine Spectator article says:

The German government’s plan to build a bridge over some of the Mosel river valley’s most-prized vineyards has come to a halt. The regional government will not discuss the reason for the stoppage, but local sources say poor planning and engineering miscalculations are behind the construction freeze on the Hochmoselübergang, or High Mosel Crossway.

Despite the internationally acclaimed Rieslings produced from the steep slopes of the vineyards in the Mittelmosel, the Rhineland-Palatinate government has planned for some time to build a major highway and bridge on the spot. The project’s chief purpose would be to provide an easier route for heavy vehicles between Frankfurt’s airport and the busy markets of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The 4-lane, 525-foot-high, mile-long bridge would connect Ürzig and Rachtig. Originally conceived during the Cold War, the bridge was approved as a stimulus project during the global recession.

Many of the region’s key winemakers, including Ernst Loosen of Bernkastel’s Weingut Dr. Loosen and Manfred Prüm of Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm, oppose the construction plans, fearing that unpredictable building effects could ruin the vineyards either through increased pollution, disturbing the microclimate of the vineyards and the forest above, heightened soil erosion or interfering with the watershed.


We’ll keep you posted on future developments as we learn them. Stay tuned and keep thinking good thoughts to save one of the world’s most precious wine regions!