Meet Our Newest Love: Silvaner

horstsauerRecently, Loosen Bros, USA started to import a bit of Silvaner (spelled “Sylvaner” in Alsace, but it’s the same grape) from Germany. We have fallen completely in love with the variety and, since we didn’t have enough to do promoting Riesling, we decided to bring some in. In addition to an entry level Silvaner that Ernst Loosen produces at Villa Wolf winery in the Pfalz region, we’re bringing in a few wines from two good friends of his in the Franken region: Horst Sauer and Ludwig Knoll. We think Franken (aka Franconia) is where Silvaner really shows its best.

This year, Germany is celebrating 350 years of Silvaner. It’s probably been around a lot longer, but the first documented mention of the variety was in 1659. The Franken region, especially, is going all out with a lot of Silvaner events all year. The main event is the International Silvaner Symposium in Würzburg, Sept. 10-13. There’s even a “Silvaner Beach Party” on Aug. 8.

We think Silvaner might have the potential to be the new hip wine in your cellar, at the wine bar, over dinner. Why not join in the celebration? Try a bottle soon and let us know what you think. Better yet, visit Franken in September and partake at the parties.

~ Kirk Wille, Vice President, Loosen Bros. USA

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