Love it With Loosen Friday: Erdener Treppchen Auslese

If you’re friended with us on Facebook, you may already know that Eric Asimov of the New York Times did a story last week titled “Sweetness that Bites Back: Auslese Rieslings from the 2010 Vintage.”

The NYT Dining section wine panel tasted 20 of the vintage and guess which one came out #1 out of all 20? We’ll let Mr. Asimov tell you:

“Our No. 1 bottle was the Erdener Treppchen from Dr. Loosen, which had so many layers of flavor it seemed almost four-dimensional.”

We are honored to be chosen!

And to honor the choice, we dedicate this week’s Love It With Loosen Friday to foods that pair well with our Erdener Treppchen 2010.

Here are some pairing suggestions from our team:

ERNIE LOOSEN: “I like the Erdener Treppchen Auslese with a very traditional dessert here on the Mosel. My Grandma and also my Mum did this dessert always at communion. My Mum prepared it last Sunday again for the communion of my little niece, Julia. The dessert is a wine cream made with Riesling that you pour over local red peaches. The red peaches are from our own tree, which my Mum cans into preserving jars after harvest.”

IAN DICK: “I’d drink this wine in like 30 years and enjoy it with with Ernie’s mom’s sauerbraten.”

KIRK WILLE: “Auslese is pretty sweet, but the 2010 has raging acidity, keeping it racy and balanced. It’s not a big sticky like BA, though, and would work well with richer things like Indian curries, a country pâté, or chicken liver mousse. Also sharp, rich cheeses, like gorgonzola or bleu. It also can work well with fruit-based desserts that aren’t too sweet. And, of course, it is fantastic on its own as a juicy, cleansing interlude – liquid sorbet!”

What would you like to pair it with?

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