Loosen Bros. USA Imports the Wines of Dr. Carl von Schubert

We are honored and thrilled to announce that, as of Jan. 1, 2012, Loosen Bros. USA will be the sole U.S. importer for the amazing wines of Dr. Carl von Schubert, from his Maximin Grünhaus estate.

Carl von Schubert, Erni Loosen and Loosen Bros. USA VP Kirk Wille toasting their agreement (with Dr. Loosen Riesling Sekt, of course!) at Erni’s home in Bernkastel.

To be perfectly honest, we weren’t looking to import another Mosel valley producer. But the Maximin Grünhaus wines are so brilliant, and the von Schuberts are such wonderful people, that we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to work with them.

Even though they are required to label their wines with the “Mosel” appellation, we all know that their little Ruwer valley is a special place all its own. Their naturally fermented, terroir-driven wines (and their unmistakable art deco label) are so distinctive that we don’t think there’s any way they will be confused with the other Rieslings that Loosen Bros. USA imports.

Carl von Schubert
Carl von Schubert is the fifth generation of his family to own the estate, which produces exceptionally distinctive wines and is a perennial favorite among wine lovers and Riesling experts around the world. As an internationally prominent producer of top-quality Rieslings, Carl naturally found a good friend in Erni Loosen, an ardent admirer of the Maximin Grünhaus wines.

Here’s what Erni Loosen says about them: “The Grünhaus wines have a totally unique taste. They really capture the special terroir of the Ruwer valley and are quite unlike anything we produce in the Middle Mosel. They are truly extraordinary wines and we’re extremely happy to be working with Carl in the U.S. market.”

Carl von Schubert says: “I was very excited when Ernst Loosen suggested to me that Maximin Grünhaus could become part of his U.S. portfolio. Having the same philosophy of quality and being friends is the best possible basis for a successful cooperation.”

Estate Dates Back to A.D. 966
The Maximin Grünhaus estate lies at the foot of a long, steep, south-facing slope of wholly owned vineyards on the left bank of the tiny Ruwer river, about two kilometers before it joins the Mosel. Viticulture has been practiced there since Roman times. The estate was first documented in A.D. 966, when it was owned by the Benedictine monastery of St. Maximin, in the nearby city of Trier. It was secularized by Napoleon in the early 1800s and acquired by the von Schubert family in 1882.

Friends of Erni Loosen Portfolio
Here at Loosen Bros. USA, we’re very much looking forward to having the von Schuberts join our little family of producers. It’s what we call the “Friends of Erni Loosen” portfolio, which now includes:

  • Dr. Loosen (Mosel)
  • J.L. Wolf (Pfalz)
  • Robert Weil (Rheingau)
  • C. von Schubert/Maximin Grünhaus (Ruwer)
  • Roche de Bellene/Nicolas Potel (Burgundy)
  • Gantenbein (Graubünden, Switzerland)
  • J. Christopher (Oregon)
  • About Loosen Bros. USA
    Loosen Bros. USA is the sole U.S. importer of the wines of celebrated Riesling producer Ernst (Erni) Loosen, including Dr. Loosen (in Germany’s Mosel valley) and J.L. Wolf (in the Pfalz). Loosen Bros. also offers a select group of extraordinary wines made by good friends of Erni Loosen in other regions of Germany, as well as Switzerland, France and the United States. Loosen Bros. USA is based in Oregon City, Oregon. For more information, please visit www.loosenbrosusa.com.

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