J. Christopher vs. Roche de Bellene Tasting at Artisan Wine Depot in Mountain View, CA

Old World or New World? You be the judge at this special tasting hosted by Artisan Wine Depot in Mountain View, CA.

The tasting will compare Burgundy producer Maison Roche de Bellene with Oregon producer J. Christopher Wines.

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High-End Oregon vs. Burgundy Pinot Noir Comparative Tasting

  • Saturday, April 12
  • 2 pm to 5 pm (you can arrive any time between those hours)
  • $50 pp with $25 of the tasting fee credited back towards the purchase of the wines being tasted
  • Reservations recommended but not required.
  • Artisan Wine Depot, 2482 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View, California.

To reserve, please call Artisan Wine Depot at 650.917.8080.