Estate Construction: Spring House, Arched Cellars & Kitchen

Here’s the latest on construction of our new visitor center at the Dr. Loosen estate.

A little bit to the side of our main building we are currently working on the foundation of the Pavillon for the well we found during the construction. In German it is called “Quellhäuschen,”and it is built in the typical style of the 19th century.

We will use this “little spring house” to combine and collect the mountain spring water to heat and cool the new building with the very environmentally friendly technology of a water-to-water heat pump.

Quellhaus Perspektive Ansicht Lageplan

13.8 (2)

13.8 (3)




Inside the visitor area, the builders have now removed the wooden forms from the arched cellars and have started plastering. You can now see the hand-carved capitals representing each grand cru vineyard.

The same team of masons from East Germany will build the pavilion that will go above the cellar.

1.9 (3)


2.9 (2)


In the above-ground photos below you can see them forming up the walls where the kitchen will be.

4.9 (2)



Our builders are great guys and are doing excellent work! The entire project is coming along well and is still on schedule. It should be done sometime next summer 2016!

Learn more about our new visitor space here.