Ernst Loosen with Pals in Burgundy

Burgundy is one of Ernie Loosen’s great loves, and every year he makes a trip there with a small group of friends. This year the gang toured Rousseau, DRC, Mugnier, Claude Dugat, Clos de Tart, and Domaine Leflaive.

Enjoy Ernie’s pics of this year’s tour and to read more about it, visit LE BLOG DU GRAND JURY. (And if you don’t speak French, Google translator helps. Bon chance!)

(left to right) Wang Yi, Roger Christian, Roberto Schneuwly, Claude Dugat, Enzo Vizzari, Oruzzio Vagnozzi, Ernst Loosen
In the cellar at Clos de Tart
Ernie is a huge fan of Burgundy and keeps a large cellar.
At dinner.

Tasting Grands Echezeaux 2011. Formidable!