Dr. Loosen at “Kitchen Party”

“Treffpunkt Küche” (“Kitchen Party”) at Planbar 4 in Essen, Germany last Saturday was a great event!

Our own Frank Gibbert (Dr. Loosen Regional Sales, Germany) and Desiree Schröder (Dr. Loosen Sales Manager, Germany) attended (with our wines) the evening, while rubbing elbows with famous chefs, fashion designers and actors, all for the good of charity.

Here are some of Desiree’s favorite moments from the evening. Enjoy!

Frank Gibbert (Dr. Loosen Regional Sales) with Desiree Schröder (Dr. Loosen Sales Manager Germany)
(Left to right) Christoph Rüffer (** Michelin chef), Wolfgang Becker (** Michelin chef), Nelson Müller (event organizer and ** Michelin chef), Desiree Schröder, and Philipp Poisel (music artist).


The “Dr. Loosen” table.
Desiree Schröder and fashion designer Thomas Rath.
Desiree Schröder (Dr. Loosen Sales Manager Germany) with actor Henning Baum.
Desiree Schröder with actor Henning Baum.