Celebrate the Fourth…With Riesling!

Riesling is the perfect summer beverage. Refreshing and low in alcohol, it’s just the thing for sipping on a warm lazy day. If you’ll be celebrating the Fourth of July with a barbecue or cookout this weekend, try pairing Riesling with your grilled dishes.

Riesling and hot dogs are a great pairing. Which Riesling you pair with your dog depends on what’s on top of it.

Mustard? Try our Villa Wolf Dry Riesling for a crisp and cleansing experience.

Catsup and/or sweet relish? Go with Dr. L Riesling to match the sweetness in the catsup or relish.

Grilled onions and mustard? Sip some Robert Weil Dry Riesling (from our Friends of Ernie collection) to match the richness.

Grilled onions, jalapeños and/or hot sauce? Cap the fireworks wtih Dr. Loosen Kabinett Blue Slate. It’s crisp and cleansing, with a bit of sweetness to cool the palate between bites.

If you’re going whole hog with barbecued ribs, which Riesling you choose depends on your recipe.

Dry spice rub? Perfect with Dr. Loosen Red Slate Dry Riesling.

Sweeter barbecue sauce? Try it with our Dr. L Riesling or even Dr. Loosen Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Spätlese if the sauce is pretty intense.

Whatever’s on your picnic menu, hope your Fourth is filled with fun! And don’t forget, restaurants across the USA are doing their Summer of Riesling celebrations so keep an eye peeled for a tasting near you.

Learn more about the wines mentioned here at www.loosenbrosusa.com.