Dr. Loosen’s approach to winemaking combines contemporary technique with a respect for tradition. This has earned the estate an overwhelmingly positive response from wine writers and wine lovers the world over.

Praise from the International Press

“Loosen hadn’t initially intended to be a winemaker — he was a budding archeologist when his father fell ill and he came back to the estate — but he quickly became one of the most active, energetic proponents of Mosel wines and Riesling in general: He’s been integral to the creation of the Riesling Rendezvous, a Seattle event held every three years.”

Tara Q. Thomas, Wine & Spirits, Buying Guide 2013

“Ernst Loosen, the iconic German flying winemaker, launched his career with a bout of travel, say that ‘if you taste all the great wines of the world, you get an idea about how a great wine should look.’ In his own words, Loosen is not a philanthropist, he runs a business. He is also a passionate man bringing diversity and wine from regions many will never visit, and we say cheers to that.”

Debra Meiburg in South China Morning Post, November 2012

“Ernst Loosen is an indefatigable ambassador of his estate, the Mosel and indeed German wines. Erni regularly travels the worl to present his wines, not skipping even small markets such as Israel.”

Yotam Sharon, Just about Time (and Wine), October 2012

“Wehlener Sonnenuhr is my most treasured vineyard in Germany, and I drink more Dr. Loosen wines than those of any other producer.”

James Halliday, The Australian, March 2012

“Ernst Loosen is a gregarious German with one of the most enviable resumes in the entire wine industry. [He] is as fun to read about as he was to meet. I called him the ultimate German Wine Salesman, but Germany may have owed him and his wines’ international success for the resurgence of Germany premium wines and Rieslings in the world.”

Sherwin Lao, Manila Standard Today, December 2011

“When Erni Loosen speaks about riesling, everyone should listen. The iconoclastic German wien producer is exactly what the doctor ordered to put a wine region — or in Loosen’s case, to re-establish a grape — on the world wine stage and make everyone believers. Riesling is Loosen’s cause, and lucky for him the Mosel Valley is his home.”

Anthony Gismondi, Montecristo Magazine, (Vancouver, BC), Winter 2011

“Erni Loosen, the most dynamic producer of his generation.”

Harry Eyres, The Telegraph (UK), August 2011

“Ernst Loosen is one of the Mosel’s foremost ambassadors.”

Natasha Hughes, Traveller (UK), Autumn 2010

“Dr. Loosen is now one of the most consistent and high-quality producers in the Mosel. I highly recommend it [2008 Dr. Loosen Riesling Spätlese Ürziger Würzgarten] to anyone, from those looking to dip their toe into German Riesling, to those like me who can’t seem to find enough excuses to drink the stuff.”

Alder Yarrow, Vinography: A Wine Blog, August 2010

“With holdings throughout Germany’s most famed vineyards together with ecologically sound and sustainable practices, Erni Loosen is widely regarded as not only one of the finest exponents of Riesling anywhere but as one of the greatest white winemakers on the planet.”

Matt Skinner, The Juice Awards (Australia), 2010-11

“Of all Germany’s respected Riesling-producing estates, this needs the least introduction, due to the irrepressible Ernst Loosen. No man on the planet today has done more to promote the riesling of the Mosel and, by association, all Germany’s off-dry Riesling.”

Gourmet Traveller (Australia), October/November 2009

“Ernst Loosen is a dynamo, whom I have encountered several times over the years at tastings, dinners and conferences around the world. He travels incessantly, and is a wonderful ambassador for quality German wines.”

Tom Cannavan, Tom Cannavan’s Wine Pages, 2006

“Germany has lots of vintners who use the title ‘Dr.’ But the chief-of-staff at the clinic of German wine is Ernst Loosen. With access to fruit from some of the best red- and gray-slate vineyards on the twisty, high-banked river, Loosen offers polished and stylish yet thrilling modern Rieslings.”

Anthony Dias Blue, Patterson’s Beverage Journal, May 2005

“Erni Loosen brought the Mosel and its Rieslings into the 21st century with a bang. He thinks worldwide, as few German vintners have done.”

Hugh Johnson, Decanter, April 2005

“Erni Loosen has single-handedly put German wine on the world stage and in the 21st century. He has done it by a mixture of irreverence, tireless traveling and an uncompromising quest for quality.”

Jancis Robinson, Decanter, April 2005

“Ernst Loosen doesn’t mince words. Passionate, irrepressibly irreverent, ironic and outraged — all within the same sentence — he is a fascinating conversationalist and an erudite lecturer. He has been called Germany’s winemaker rock star and its best wine ambassador.”

Sandra Shoji, The Daily Yomiuri (Tokyo), April 12, 2003