Blackberry Farm Weekend “A Match Made in Heaven”

Ernie Loosen with Guest Chef Alan Wong and Executive Chef Joseph Lenn at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, which featured an entire weekend devoted to Dr. Loosen/J. Christopher wines paired with Alan Wong’s Hawaiian cooking. We think it’s fair to say … continued

“The Wasp” Gets New Riesling Lyrics

It’s Summer of Riesling! Let’s change up the tune! Or, actually, the lyrics… Check out these great new Riesling lyrics to “The Wasp” (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) from The Doors’ L.A. Woman album. Written by our talented and … continued

Weekend at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee!

Ready for the wine/food trip of a lifetime? Join Ernie Loosen and Chef Alan Wong (Pineapple Room Restaurant in Honolulu) for a “Continental Exchange” weekend at Blackberry Farm in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. August 19 – 22 It’s … continued