Ernst Loosen at Hotel Kempinski Beijing

Hello friends, I am in Beijing and did a wine dinner at the Hotel Kempinski Beijing. The dinner was completely sold out with 60 people. Here are some photos of our wonderful evening. If you would like to see more … continued

Know Your Pradikat: Spatlese

If you’re new to Riesling, you may have seen the word Spätlese on a Riesling bottle and wondered what the heck it means. Spätlese: [SHPAYT-lay-zeh] is German for “late-harvest.” Spätlese Rieslings have more richness and body than their Kabinett cousins … continued

Ernst Loosen Pouring at New York Wine Experience

If you’re in New York City and have been wanting to meet worldwide Riesling evangelist and winemaker Erni Loosen, now’s your chance! Erni and our East Coast Sales Manager, Ian Dick, will be pouring 2009 Dr. Loosen Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling … continued

Stump the Riesling Geeks!

Today we introduced a new game — “Stump the Riesling Geeks!” — for #WineWednesday on Twitter. Here are some of the questions we received and our best attempts at quick answers. Our thanks to those who tried to stump us, … continued

Harvest Update from the Mosel

The 2011 harvest in the Mosel is shaping up nicely. It was an early growing season, so we started about three weeks earlier than usual, but the ripeness and acidity are both excellent. We’ve had mostly beautiful, sunny weather during … continued

Erni Visits Malaysia Airlines

Hi everyone! Erni Loosen here, reporting from Kuala Lumpur. This week I did a crew training for Malaysia Airlines, which is pouring our 2010 Dr. L Riesling with satay and spicy peanut sauce in business class. Hope you enjoy these … continued