Eroica Riesling 10th Anniversary Video

The 10th vintage of Chateau Ste. Michelle Eroica Riesling releases this month. The 2008 vintage marks a decade of collaboration between Chateau Ste. Michelle and our own Ernie Loosen to craft an extraordinary Riesling from Washington state grapes. Check out … continued

New York Times says Riesling Gains a Foothold

We love this New York Times article on Riesling by Eric Asimov and not just because he chose Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Eroica (a joint venture with Dr. Loosen) as the favorite of a tasting of American Rieslings. Well, okay, we … continued

Say “Hey” to Brian Harlan at Chicago Gourmet

Loosen’s own Brian “The Harlanator” Harlan will be pouring Dr. Loosen wines at the Chicago Gourmet Food & Wine celebration this weekend (Sept 26 & 27). Are you going? Stop by and say hi! * Trust us, meeting The Harlanator … continued

It’s Autumn! Which Fall Foods Pair Well With Riesling?

Ahh, Autumn. Warm days. Cool nights. Harvest baskets overflowing with late-season veggies and fruits all leading us back to the hearth. Suddenly we’re craving roast chicken, a hearty stew, maybe a hand-made apple pie. But we’re also sad to say … continued

Harvest Notes from the Pfalz

A quick update from the J.L. Wolf vineyards in the Pfalz region of Germany. We started picking the Pinot Gris in the Pfalz yesterday. (Being a warmer region, the Pfalz harvest generally begins a week or two before the Mosel … continued

Stop the Bridge Update

Hugh Johnson has joined the fight against the Moselbrücke, the proposed bridge across the Mosel that Johnson is decrying as a “desecration.” Here what he says… Veteran wine writer Hugh Johnson has protested against the ‘folly and desecration’ of a … continued

Wilf’s Wine Press Reviews Dr. L

Wilf’s Wine Press reviewed our Dr. L Riesling in the August 2009 newsletter. Here’s what they had to say: “If you are not convinced that German winemakers are out to win you over with their new style of wine, then … continued

Meet Terri Froelich, CEO of Selected Brands

Meet our Florida distributor, Terri Froelich, CEO of Selected Brands. Here she is with Ernie, visiting the Ürziger Würzgarten vineyard last week. If you’re in the wine trade in Florida and are looking for Dr. Loosen wines, Terri is your … continued

Hey Riesling-o-phile, what’s your favorite style?

In addition to its unmatched ability to capture the essence of a vineyard’s terroir, Riesling is one of the few grapes that is capable of producing a complete spectrum of wine styles, from bone dry to monstrously sweet. There are … continued