WineLife365 Reviews Dr. L

Mark at WineLife365 recently reviewed our Dr. L Riesling and had this to say. “Dr. L”, as it’s known in wine circles, is a terrific “purist” style Riesling from Mosel, Germany. What I mean by “purist” is that this wine … continued

Wine & Spirits Picks Us as a Winery of the Year!

Woohoo! We just learned that Wine & Spirits has selected Dr. Loosen as a Winery of the Year. Each year, their blind tasting panels review more than 9,000 wines and pass the best along to their critics. Their annual Wineries … continued

Erdener Prälat and Blue Cheese

Riesling/food pairings are so tasty…we love it when Dr. Loosen fans wax enthusiastic over them. recently ran a story on the best wines to pair with blue cheese. Here’s what they had to say about Dr. Loosen Erdener Prälat…. … continued

Travels with Ernie (and Bob and Kirk)

Just received a text from Loosen USA VP Kirk Wille, who says: “We’re in Eastern Washington with Ernie and Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Bob Bertheau visiting Eroica vineyards. It’s raining…first time in 11 years doing this trip! Photo credit: @SteMichelle

Screwcap vs. Cork

We came across this excellent article comparing screwcaps (or “Stelvin® closures”) with corks on the Tablas Creek blog today. Jason Chaas said that they did a blind tasting of Stelvin vs. cork-stoppered wines. He reports the general conclusion as “Overall, … continued

Aug. 10th Ten-Year Eroica Anniversary Dinner at Herbfarm

Happy Ten-Year Anniversary, Eroica! Cheers! The world’s greatest Riesling partnership between Dr. Loosen estate and Chateau Ste. Michelle is turning 10. We will be celebrating with a glittering one-night-only dinner at the fabulous Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington. Seating is limited … continued

Scotland STV Station Tastes Dr. L

Check out this fun video of Scotland’s STV’s Tom Cannavan Tasting Dr. L and two other Rieslings. Tom gives some good basic background on Rieslings as well.

Seven Rieslings & Five Courses at Ten Mercer

Riesling fans! Will you be in Seattle next week? Here’s a great chance to taste seven Rieslings with fabulous food pairings from Seattle’s famed Ten Mercer Restaurant. Join your host, Loosen USA VP Kirk Wille, at Ten Mercer for a … continued