Monster Mosel Bridge Updates

Here are two articles worth reading on the Mosel Bridge that will potentially destroy some of the world’s most treasured vineyards.

Catherine Hickley, Monster Cold-War Bridge Sparks Protests by Mosel Winemakers. Click here to read.

Hugh Johnson, The Independent: A priceless region in wine terms – but of little value to the government. Click here to read.

road-to-the-bridge-300And here is a photo that Kirk Wille took during last week’s customer tour. This is a view from high up in Ürziger Würzgarten, across the river to the Autobahn exit under construction (the big gouge across the hillside). This is the access to the new Autobahn that dumps down into the village Lösnich. They haven’t started the actual bridge construction yet, but connecting roadwork like this is proceeding on both sides of the river.

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