How to Sign the Mosel Bridge Petition

PLEASE HELP US tell the German government that we don’t want them to build a useless, ugly bridge across one of the most beautiful places in the Mosel valley. The aesthetic, environmental and cultural damage that this monstrosity will cause … continued

Tim Atkin of the Times on the Mosel Bridge Fiasco

Check out this excellent article by Tim Atkin of the Times. A concise run-down of the entire Mosel Bridge fiasco. Wine lovers from around the world are working hard to stop this completely unnecessary project before it destroys some of … continued

Kirk Pours at Pebble Beach

Doing his part to cure “palate fatigue”, here’s Loosen Bros. USA Vice President Kirk Wille manning the “Palate Refreshing Station” at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine event in California. Were you there, too? Send us your pix!