Try these Silvaners

Check out these Silvaners and see if you love them as much as we do. The Villa Wolf is a Loosen wine. The Horst Sauers and the Ludwig Knolls are from the “Friends of Ernst Loosen” collection. Wondering where to … continued

Meet Our Newest Love: Silvaner

Recently, Loosen Bros, USA started to import a bit of Silvaner (spelled “Sylvaner” in Alsace, but it’s the same grape) from Germany. We have fallen completely in love with the variety and, since we didn’t have enough to do promoting … continued

Find Ernie at VinExpo!

Ernie Loosen is in Bordeaux at VinExpo today. You’ll find him “hanging out” at the German Wine Institute booth. If you’re at Vin Expo, stop by and say hi!

Tyler Haas spots Dr. Loosen

Dr. Loosen fan (may we call you such?) Tyler Haas, sent us this pic and the following email…. I spotted some of Dr. Loosen’s Erdener Treppchen pradikatsweins (I’m sure I mis-spelled that — mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, as … continued

Special Request – Erdener Treppchen

Twitter @tthaas (self-described wine geek and abuser of parentheses) on WineWednesday today asked us to say a little more about our Erdener Treppchen. Thanks for asking, Tyler! Here goes… The Erdener Treppchen vineyard (The Little Staircase of Erden) is so … continued